English Comedy 4 Cause

Want to contribute for charity, through laughter?

Laughter is important, they say. Not only does laughter make the person feel happier, relaxed and more positive. Now, by this special show in Comedy Cafe Amsterdam, it also contributes to nature through charity organization 'Coral Reef Care'. A major part of the ticketsale will be donated to Coral Reef Care, in order to encourage and support the activities which preserves the beautiful corals in the ocean. Karma will laugh with you! Enjoy an awesome night of stand-up comedy and contribute for charity as well. This will definately make you feel good!

Donderdag 10 november ★ 20:30 - 22:30 ★ €12,50 P.P.

MC: Neil Robinson
ACT: Tim van 't Hul
HL: Daniel-Ryan Spaulding